Illustration Master Class

IMC is one of my favourite times of the year (when I can afford to go) and one of my favourite places on earth, complete with my favourite people on Earth. Since I actually have a website now, I'll be documenting my IMC painting process here. So, first up, some pre-imc sketches and studies.

The first step at IMC, after the first couple of lectures, is Critiques. You bring the work that you did before the week, present it, and then have your Crit Group Instructors go over it. I'm in Crit Group 1, so my instructors are Iain McCaig, Mike Mignola and Scott Fischer. You can see a couple pictures that I took during the critique (one of mine, one of someone else's) over here on Instagram.

After the Crit, I took the advice given and went back and made a brand new thumbnail sketch to incorporate the ideas generated out of the crits, I spent the rest of the day working on a new thumbnail, and then honing it down (with some advice from people here at IMC). Here are the three main stages that it went to, from left to right, right being the one I ended with on day one:

Day Two! So Day two was mostly just continuing work, and getting utterly distracted by everyone else's fabulous paintings and fascinating conversations. Got more advice - some contradictory - and went through another couple versions of the hose. Still lots left to go, including colour (though there won't be much), but I think I should be done by tomorrow night, really. Already have a couple ideas for a second painting. :) Here's today's progress:

Day three! Things are getting pretty close now, I think I should be finishing this up tomorrow morning - already have another idea for my next project here! In the meantime, here's today's progress: Colour! Also the hose moved a million more times, and i did the end piece, but I think it's staying where it is, now.